Writers 1 on 1
Online, one on one, face to face coaching for writers anywhere

There are great writing resources, including books and seminars that are essential for beginning any writing project. I highly recommend them for learning the craft of writing.

And then there comes the time, when you're in the thick of writing your project, when you need to re-group, re-focus or regain confidence. Or perhaps you've got a great idea, but don't know how to get started or you just need a deadline to be held accountable.

A book can't talk to you, engage in real-time dialogue that sparks your imagination and creativity or ask the probing, in-depth questions you need to answer to reveal the heart of your story.

Wouldn't it be great to have your own personal writing coach?

Welcome to "Writers 1 on 1"

Work with Valerie Woods, a professional writer and writing coach in television, film, fiction and non-fiction. Each session is personalized to your project needs. Work online one on one, face to face, via Skype or iChat. Or simply over the phone.

It's like having your own private writers room where you can brainstorm, edit, break through writer's block, and deepen the layers of your project.


"Sometimes the spark to a new level of creativity is a simple question; the right question, asked at the right time can uncover a hidden door in a writer's imagination. It happens when writers engage in a dialogue, or "writerlogue", with a fellow writer."

- Valerie Woods