Hourly Sessions

Hourly Sessions

Hourly rate (4 hr. minimum): $55.00
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SESS01 – Polishing the Script*

Sessions can be scheduled on an hourly basis (four hours minimum) if there is a specific area you wish to address. Sessions are structured for writers who wish to further refine, polish or update an existing screenplay. Writers work one-on-one with Valerie on scene-by-scene notes and feedback to edit, critique and deepen the layers of your project.

If you have already purchased a Polishing the Script session and need additional hours select them below:

Valerie C. Woods“First drafts are never perfect. This is where inspiration meets the craft of writing – putting in the work, no matter if it sucks at first. Do not listen to the Inner Critic in the rough draft, or you’ll never get to the final draft.”

– Valerie Woods

SESS02 – Crafting Novels and Non-Fiction

All storytelling, whether fiction or non-fiction, television, film or stage, begins with organizing the creative elements into a cohesive structure. Work one-on-one with Valerie to create and/or refine an outline, story structure and character development for your fiction or non-fiction manuscript. Writers can focus on beginning a project or on polishing an existing manuscript.Sessions can be scheduled on an hourly basis (four hours minimum).

If you have already purchased a Crafting Novels and Non-Fiction session and need additional hours select them below:

“Valerie helped me organize my thoughts into a workable outline. I now have 3 chapters completed and can actually see the end of my book.”

– Samuel Woods-Corr

SESS03 – Editorial/Ghostwriting Services

Are you looking for someone to read and provide editorial services on your novel, memoir, eBook, short story? Do you have a personal story to tell and are looking for a ghost/co-writer? Valerie works with non-writing professionals to tell their stories and share their unique voice. Contact Valerie at: info@writers1on1.com to discuss the scope of your project and the services you require.

“As the editor on my book “The Medicine of Prayer” Valerie helped me capture the voice that best tells my story and get it published. She has been an inspiration and a gift.”

Native American rap artist, motivational speaker, actor, author, and entrepreneur

* Polishing the Script can also be scheduled in an 8 week workshop.