Weekly series (8 sessions; 2 hr/session): $575 (USD)
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WKSHOP01 – Writing the Television Spec Script

This workshop is structured for the beginning television writer. In each session, the writer works one-on-one with Valerie Woods on the basics of writing a spec script for television including story structure, outlining story ideas, dialogue, effective characterization and incorporating notes in order to plot, write and re-write their spec script. We use the same timelines as do primetime shows and run the workshop like a television show writers room. At the conclusion of this 8-week series, writers will have a completed first draft of a television spec script.

DeeAnn Veeder“This is a great workshop. I learned so much and had a lot of fun writing a ‘Bones’ script. Valerie is an exceptional teacher.”

– DeeAnn Veeder

Sanaa Msemaji“I recommend this for ANYONE interested in getting in the television game… We’ve had one class, SO MUCH INVALUABLE information, already. The Writers Room Workshop is a MUST do!”

– Sanaa Msemaji


WKSHOP02 – Crafting the Screenplay

This workshop is structured for the beginning screenwriter. In each session, writers work one-on-one with Valerie Woods on the basics of writing a screenplay. The basics include story structure, writing the outline, treatment and logline; visual storytelling, dialogue, and effective characterization. At the conclusion of this series, the writer will have completed a full outline and at least the first act of their screenplay.

Philip Fraser-Andrews“To say that the great advice, critique, feedback and direction Val gives is the same as any other writing course you could take would be a falsehood. The time I spend with Val each week going over the work I have completed on my screenplay is a true highlight of my creative journey and one I look forward to with relish. I highly recommend anyone working with her. You will not be disappointed.”

– Philip Fraser-Andrews


WKSHOP03 – Polishing the Script*

This workshop is structured for writers who wish to further refine, polish or update an existing television spec script or original pilot script. Writers work one-on-one with Valerie Woods on scene by scene notes and feedback to edit, critique and deepen the layers of your project.

Mary Miller“Valerie Woods is a genius! She has the ability to see into the heart of what you are writing and help you develop it to its full potential. Her sensibilities about human nature both in drama and comedy are a gift. Her knowledge and experience about the business is invaluable. Thanks Val!”

Mary Miller
Playwright, Author

* Polishing the Script can also be scheduled on an hourly basis (four hour minimum) if there is a specific area you wish to address that will not require the full 8 weeks.

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